"Boat necks are fucking in, guys." That's how I'd start the trend meetings if I worked at, like, Lucky or Teen Vogue. Then I'd be super mean to the staff writers: "Really, Becky? Only two alternate HEDs for your story on the hottest neons for fall? GET IT TOGETHER, REBECCA. AND IF I SEE ANOTHER GODDAMN CAN OF REGULAR COKE ON YOUR DESK I'M GONNA LOSE IT. WE DRINK COKE ZERO OR WE DON'T DRINK." I don’t know why I'm obsessed with this fantasy of being a really mean editor at a women’s magazine, but it seems dope as fuck. Remember that editor at Teen Vogue that was all, "So, how did not going to Paris work out for you, Lauren?" DAMN, LC GOT STUNTED ON HEAVY BY HER OD PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BOSS. Oh right, buy this Sophnet boat neck.