SENSE Magazine out of Japan just dropped a new visvim editorial that will inspire you to look like a rich hippie vagabond on a mission to sell fine hydroponic weed and the occasional, pro bono tulip. And that's good because people like that never get busted by the cops because they are selling to cops because their shit is that awesome. This photo set also has a county fair thing going on, which I can kind of get down with because I enjoy eating myself into a coma and the vague sense of danger one gets from voluntarily getting on a ride that was built in 1945, except for the fact that these models looks like they've never stepped foot inside of one before. Fairs are even worse than Walmart in terms of decrepit looking individuals, such as 34-year-old grandmas, drunk uncles and would be attractive ladies had they not smoked a pack a day since the first grade. That said, visvim is still awesome and I want all of these clothes regardless of what some editorial shows me. Plus, Japanese mags are notorious for totally bricking depictions of casual American life.