Let's face it. A sure fire way to elevate your brand to the next level is to get some celebrity co-signs. The amount of exposure alone is invaluable and can definitely expand the brand's reach. 

Bobby Hundreds says The Hundreds has "never been that great at the celebrity-seeding game." Its skate team isn't full of celebrities, and it doesn't sign rappers. Instead, "the random famous people you do see wearing our brand occasionally are either personal friends of ours or just fans." Still, The Hundreds has been picked up left and right by athletes, musicians, and actors.

Hundreds says Jonah Hill used to live next door to the Rosewood shop in Los Angeles, and was a fan of the brand. Jamie Foxx was seen wearing the "18" T-shirt and even had a few custom buttons on his blazer. And who could forget about the all-over pin hoodie Jay Z rocked on his legendary Hangar tour in 2006?

Other celebs who've co-signed The Hundreds include a certain Seinfeld star, Colin Kaepernick, and even the beautiful actress and former model Kim Basinger. Yeah. Check out the entire list over at The Hundreds blog. You might just be surprised when you find out who else was included in the list.