The fraction of time that separates isolated incidents from the high speed motion has proved an elusive moment photographers. That is, until now.

Adam Magyar has engineered a slit screen camera equipped with homemade software that has the ability to snap multiple frames in the span of only a few seconds, combining the images into panorama portraits that tell the story of moments that are impossible to see. Posting up in various cities around the world (New York City, Hong Kong, London) for a project called "Urban Flow," Magyar is able to take dozens of photos as high speed vehicles whiz by, capturing the moments our eyes miss. He has compiled some of these images in mezmerizing videos (above) for a project called "Stainless."

In an interview with PDN Magazine, Magyar said, “In many of my 'Urban Flow' images, people look like they are walking on a stage heading towards the same destination. And I’m asking the same questions with 'Stainless' which is made of subway trains pulling into the station. What happens between entering and exiting this flow? Can we leave any trace behind? Do we have a genuine choice what track we follow?”

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[via VisualNews]