The Durham Bulls, Durham’s AAA baseball team that feeds into the Tampa Bay Rays, are celebrating their 25th anniversary as a professional athletic association in an art museum. “Bull City Summer,” hosted by the North Carolina Museum of Art, is an exhibition that highlights the excellence of the Bulls’ 2013 season. Beginning on April 8, 2013, artists were invited to come and document each of the team’s 72 home games, either in photos or as prints. The collection commemorates the brotherhood and traditions of the Bull’s centennial year. Some of the artists who will be showcased in the exhibition are Hiroshi Watanabe, Frank Hunter, Kate Joyce, Leah Sobsey, Alec Soth, Jeff Whetstone, Ivan Weiss, Hank Willis Thomas, Alex Harris, and Elizabeth Matheson.

“Bull City Summer” will be on display from February 23 through August 31. The exhibit will be produced by Taj Forer and Michael Itkoff of Daylight Books and Sam Stephenson of the Rock Fish Stew Institute of Literature and Materials.

Producer Stephenson describes the exhibit as “a portrait of the art and craft and grit of baseball and the community that revolves around it.”

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