Artist Kilian Eng and music studio Analog Sweden collaborated on "Moments Lost," a unique music and art project inspired by the classic film Blade Runner. Analog Sweden created an original soundtrack using studio methods that emulated those of Vangelis, the composer of the original Ridley Scott film, and Eng served as the lead artist. The Swedish artist is known for his futuristic, sci-fi artwork which works perfectly with the music, short stories, and theme of the concept album (The Verge wrote a great article about the project that you should read here). Check out the sketches from the artist above, including "Take Off 1 & 2" which we have the privilege of sharing here for the first time.

There is an IndieGogo campaign set-up for the "Moments Lost" project which includes the chance to own signed prints of Eng's work, t-shirts featuring the artwork, screenprints by HR-FM, a copy of the CD or vinyl album, and various other perks dependent on your level of contribution. There are only a couple days left to get your hands on these exclusives so act now! 

Here is the video that describes the project, Analog Sweden's music, and Kilian Eng's artistic contribution: