An initially unlikely and yet ultimately logical trio has banded together to collaborate on this graphic-heavy long-sleeve T-shirt that comes in limited quantities. SSUR, Glory Boyz, and Been Trill are all repped on this piece in various fonts, as well as an assload of middle fingers. The legendary O.G. brand SSUR teamed up with the two relative newcomers, but the three have worked with one another before. 

SSUR and Been Trill have collaborated before, and Been Trill made some dope "Free Keef" shirts when Chief Keef, the CEO and leader of the Glory Boyz record label and crew, was locked up. Since this is only one piece, it's sure to sell out real quick, so head on over to the SSUR site to cop ASAP. No word yet on whether there are more pieces to come from this three-way partnership.

[via SSUR]