Disclaimer: Here at The Pins, we’re very huge fans of P. Johnson. The Aussie heavyweight previously nabbed a mention as one of our (read: my) favorite menswear shops down under, and while I’m no doubt going to be subjected to all sorts of colorful abuse (read: dick riding), I stand by that statement.

Full of the irreverent wit and spectacular splashes of color they’ve come to be (in)famous for, P. Johnson's latest lookbook, entitled "Fantasy Coffins", has the guys burying the proverbial hatchet with their newest batch of product. Showcasing a variety of "no, seriously, what the fuck is going on here for real though?" inspirations, the brand has added a number of new innovations to their existing offerings. This being quintessential Anglo-Italian fare (admittedly, at its very best), the newness comes courtesy of cardigan soft 3 button sportcoats, chocolate DB black tie and the world’s deadliest safari jacket, complete with belt and asymmetric pockets. While you continue to fuss over your next pair of sweatpants, take comfort in knowing that once you accumulate enough wealth you can ascend to dressing like this on the reg. Until then, let's all embrace the struggle together.