Some people collect Nike’s and others collect Air Jordan’s—usually 2 pairs at a time. For Chef Mario Batali his footwear of choice is a pair of well-made Crocs. If there’s anything he loves more than serving a mean dish, it’s the foamy clog type shoe. Like any dedicated sneaker head he wears this anywhere, even pairing them up with suits at formal events.

Sad news though because Crocs is now discontinuing his favorite color: orange. The color is so synonymous with the chef that it’s even dubbed "Mario Batali orange." So after finding out this bit of info, Batali did what any shoe hoarder would do: He purchased 200 pairs. You won’t find him re-selling these on eBay; these are all his. “They made a special run for me before they retired the color” he said in a Details interview. 

But all is not lost; the Mario Batali Vent Clog model will still be sold in orange. These come with a solid build and made specifically for the kitchen. We're not suggesting you forgo all over footwear options, but if you work in the kitchen and would like a pair of comfy shoes then why the hell not? 

[via Time]