Avant-garde Japanese artist Katsuya Kamo has designed headwear for some of the world’s most prominent fashion houses, including Chanel and Junya Watanabe. He recently showcased his own work, an impressive collection of stunning headpieces, in an exhibition entitled "100 Headpieces" at Tokyo’s Laforet Museum.

Throughout his eminent career, Kamo has distinguished himself as a visionary and has perfected his own unique aesthetic, one that is at once formidable and intriguing. He works with everything from delicate feathers to metal spikes to paper and tape. Kamo’s work is highly imaginative and non-conformist, and his exhibition provides the public with its first opportunity to see his creations up close.

The exhibition features 100 of his pieces, some extremely minimalist, others extremely large, intricate, and complex. A replica of Kamo’s studio is also included in the exhibition, inviting visitors into his creative space, where they have a chance to observe his process. His studio features half finished headpieces, scraps of paper filled with his musing and notes, and a collection of personal objects that capture his self-confessed preoccupation of seeking and keeping.

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[via Designboom]