As part of his globetrotting "Inside Out" project, French street artist and TED Prize winner JR brings a traveling photo truck to different communities across the world. JR asks locals to take large, black-and-white self-portraits, print them out from the truck, and paste them across their city. For his newest installation in Paris, JR has turned the National Library of France into the same kind of printer installed on his truck.

The tromp l'oeil piece looks like a 3D installation, but it is really a flat mural. By using a real photograph of a woman and painting it on a flat plane, JR plays with the notion of photorealism. The woman's hair falls as if she were hanging upside-down, pulled by gravity as she emerges from the printer.

This project comes on the heels of JR's two-part solo exhibition "ACTIONS" hosted by London's Lazarides Rathbone Gallery, which ended yesterday. For the show, JR exhibited photos from his past installations and also made London a stop on his "Inside Out" tour, pasting photos of Londoners across the city.

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