Frank 151 sat down with Ibn Jasper, a man whose work you probably know, even if you don't recognize the name. Ibn's skills as a barber have afforded him entry into Kanye West's inner circle, and the opportunities from that friendship have allowed him to flourish as a serious maker of moves behind the scenes. From inheriting his first pair of clippers when he was a high schooler in Chicago, Ibn is now the conceptual designer behind Diamond Supply Co.'s premium VVS line, has had a Louis Vuitton shoe named after him, and is a central player in making some of streetwear's biggest deals go through.

Watch the above clip to learn about Ibn's wild journey to where he is now, and make sure you cop the latest issue of Frank 151 for a full interview. Entitled "Diamond Life," the issue focuses on Nick Tershay and the Diamond Supply Co. empire that he and his crew have built up.

[via Frank 151]