What do you get a dude who has everything?

Or perhaps someone with whom you're not too familiar?

Shaving shit. Typically a good look.

Especially if it's anything like the products and services from Harry's new holiday gift guide. The brand, founded by co-owner of Warby Parker Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield, aims to provide a line of shaving goods that walks the middle ground - neither platinum card pricey, nor bottom of the barrel. Affordable, solid product that looks good and acts right.

The Engraved Winston Shave Set, Year of Blades and 1-2 Set are three of the company's latest, created with the upcoming holidays in mind. The larger set comes with a chrome Winston handeled razor (engravement option available,) shaving cream and two extra blades, while the 1-2 Set's got a Truman razor and mini shave cream. Year of Blades lets you buy all your razors in one fell swoop; three installments of 12-blade packages will be waiting by the door every four months.

Thank sweet Jesus for simplified gift giving. And with prices not exceeding $53, you can afford to pick up something for yourself as well.