American film producer Brian Grazer recently revealed that he purchased art from Takashi Murakami via the artist's Instagram. Grazer told the Hollywood Reporter that he commented on the photo of the piece with "Can I buy this please?" and Murakami responded with a smile and heart symbol, confirming the sale. Quick and simple. Granted, Grazer and Murakami "knew" each other prior to the purchase, but in theory this could have been anyone. With over 150 million active users as potential buyers, are art brokers and galleries really necessary? Instagram is not the first alternative to the politics of the art market, but in terms of usership and exposure not many options can compete. We have our opinions, but we want to extend the question to you (yes, you): is it possible that Instagram or some future social media platform could take the place of a brick and mortar art gallery some day? 

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[via GalleristNY]