We know each other pretty well at this point, so you guys know I love a good tote bag. But this isn’t just a good tote bag, this is a fucking really nice tote bag and since it’s made by Colimbo for The Hill-Side from sashiko fabric, it’s actually one degree nicer than really fucking nice. Write this down: "This tote is based on the old game carrier bags that were used to limit the size and amount of game a hunter could carry." That’s a nice detail and you’ll probably use that fact as a nice conversational anecdote at a function, but, really, just focus on how nicely made this bag is and how often your dickhead friends will be like, “Hey, can you put my sunglasses in your purse, bruh?” Because, let's be honest, that’s the best thing about having a friend with a bag—you get to put all the shit you don’t want to carry in it. Just don’t forget anything. My buddy Mark still has a mix CD I made for this girl I liked. THAT SHIT HAD "MOTORCYCLE DRIVE BY" ON IT. THAT SONG IS ROMANTICAL WITHOUT BEING THAT ROMANTIC.