Last night, A$AP Rocky posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing a v. rare jacket with the words "Guilty Parties" on the back. Who makes the aforementioned jacket, you ask? Japanese brand Wacko Maria. Count on the Harlem rapper to put you on that new new. Sort of. 

Wacko Maria isn't exactly new. The label was started by retired Japanese football players Keiji Ishizuka and Atsuhiko Mori in 2004. They do everything from jackets to dress shirts, and even wallets and bags, all of which are inspired by "friends, movies, music, wine, and women", as Ishizuka has been quoted saying in the past.

They've also worked with a few well-known brands. In 2006, Wacko Maria started what would be an on-going collaboration with Porter on bags and wallets. In 2010, they collaborated with Levi's on the Embroidery 2nd Trucker Jacket. 

It's unclear whether Rocky's jacket is a sample or from an upcoming collection—it isn't available online. But if you're interested, browse your favorite Japanese online shops to see Wacko Maria's current catalogue.