When average readers look at a pair of shoes their first question often is "do these run true to size?" People have little faith and they don't believe that footwear makers have strict sizing standards that would actually promote consumer confidence. Put that bullshit aside and take a look at Oak Street Bootmakers. Based in Chicago, but produced in Maine, Oak Street follows the rules set in stone since 1927 by the Brannock Device (you know, that weird measuring tool that you haven't used since your mom bought you struggle Stride Rites during back to school).

Oak Street's latest boot, the Danite Trench, is inspired by something wearers will never do: fight bad guys in a desert. That said, there's an Alden-less aura of Indian Jones about them, thanks in no small part to the Natural Roughout Chromexcel® (yes, we're getting terminology trigger happy) that has a rough exterior and a smooth interior geared for an easy in and out in sandy situations. Today, this boot is best equipped to handle the mine fields of 3am meet and greets at Smith Point. Dance floor make outs are easy there, but if you fumble removing your shoes at your new friend's door the mood from last call could easily be lost forever.