Japanese toy-turned-apparel brand Bounty Hunter teams up with A Bathing Ape this November with a punk-inspired capsule collection we've all been waiting for.

BAPE's signature item, the full-zip shark hoodie, gets a 2013 update from designer Hikaru Iwanaga in what is being called the "Mad Shark" collection. The new hoodie now features dual branding on the hood with varsity letter embroidery and the famous "Bounty X Hunter" print on the lower rear. The all black everything hoodie will release exclusively at Bounty Hunter stores in Japan, while the all white everything version will be a BAPE exclusive. Both stores, however, will get the classic black with contrast white lettering version.

Alongside the much-hyped parka, a new tee with the familar shark face print and an original B A x B H branding above will also drop in black and white. 

Release is set for Nov. 23 in Japan, with a worldwide release possibly soon after.

[via BAPE]