Check out Undercover's new S/S 14 lookbook inspired by The Jesus And Mary Chain. At this point it's painfully clear that Jun Takahashi really wanted to be a rock star when he grew up. What I want to know is why the model looks like skrugs Bob Dylan? Anyway, TJAMC's album Psychocandy is a "cult classic" or something and has made a bunch of "Best British Rock Albums Of The Past 25 Years That You Don't Give A Shit About" lists and graces a baseball jacket in the aforementioned collection. Just for shits and giggles I'm going to listen to the record while I write the rest of this post. Wikipedia says the genre is "Noise Pop", so this obviously going to suck.

30 seconds in and this shit already sounds like it was in 500 Days Of Summer. At the very least, this is some shit Joseph Gordon-Levitt listens to while he does "cool white guy stuff" like eat heirloom tomatoes and take black & white photos of buildings from low vantage points for his Instagram. I could definitely see myself being super into this when I was in high school, right around the same time I started listening to Elliott Smith and reading things that used words like "transcendentalism". I'm cooler now.

By the way, the clothes are fucking awesome.