ABSOLUT has a heritage of embracing and supporting emerging artists who inspire, take risks, and break boundaries. The brand is proud to continue that tradition with Transform Today, a collaborative project amongst four of today’s most exciting breakthrough artists, whose work inspires others to want to recreate the future. Because tomorrow is not a given, it's ours to create.

In a series of exciting new videos, ABSOLUT introduces each of the four creative personalities, and gives viewers some key insight into their artistic processes and how they are all Transforming Today. They include:

Director/Musician Woodkid, a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to art, who discusses the many mediums he has attempted, as well as his philosophy on achieving greatness. “It’s not about trying something and succeeding in it, necessarily,” he says. “It’s about trying many things and finding the right path.”

Digital Media Artist Aaron Koblin, whose unique specialty deals with transforming raw data into many different creations that are visual, auditory, and more. When performing this process, he says, “you’re actually creating new representations and new stories…and that’s largely what I’m doing: telling stories…”

Graphic Novelist Rafael Grampá, whose imagination and determination during his humble childhood contributed directly to the artistic success he has today. Grampá handles every aspect of his award-winning work himself, from writing to drawing and even painting. “When I enter my studio,” he says, “I know that something that did not exist before will exist when I leave it.”

Sculptural Couturier Yiqing Yin, whose love of fairy tales as a child still factors into every piece she creates today. Another aspect of her childhood that deeply affected her was having to move around so much, as her family frequently changed countries and even continents. Yiqing says that rather than lamenting this perpetual mobility, she embraced the opportunity it gave her. “You can reinvent yourself,” she says. “You are free from your past and you are free to recreate your future.”

To see each of these incredible first-person narratives, click on the names above or visit here.