Sneakers are at their best simplicity reigns supreme, and the new brand Eytys executed a debut style that embodies this philosophy perfectly. Keeping things as clean as possible, the brand's Mother sneakers are unisex, have a thick, vulcanized rubber sole, cork insole, and are available in canvas, leather, and suede—which means you'll be able to gauge how much you want to ball out, but still get the same great design.

The kicks just dropped at London's LN-CC, a store that has an eye for great, emerging brands. The shop's foresight to spot the dopest labels before they're ruined by hypebeasts is a huge reason why we consider it to be best brick-and-mortar store in the world right now, and its choice to stock multiple variations of Eytys' debut look is a huge co-sign for the brand..

These can literally be worn with anything—denim, chinos, or jogger pants. The sole is thick enough that you'll be sporting these sneakers in the fall, too. Now you just have to decide which level of luxury you want to procure. Click here to shop the sneakers, and try not to fuck them up too badly this winter so you can rock them in the spring and summer.