2 Chainz has been everywhere in the past year. He's had tons of guest appearances and dropped his first full-length album, Based on a T.R.U. Story. The Atlanta rapper has also undergone a style progression, and documented it all through his Instagram account. And today, his latest album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time is dropping.

Once known for his True Religion addiction, 2 Chainz has switched up his style and heavily gotten into leather, designer gear, and remembering his throwback days of being a college basketball player. In fact, he's not just a rapper we listen to for witty and funny punchlines, flows, and references, but he's also someone we can look up to for style advice.

Along the way, he's had his successes and hiccups, but 2 Chainz overall is one of the best-dressed rappers from his city and in the game right now. So while you're bumping his latest tracks, take a few cues from his style, too. Here are Style Tips You Can Learn From 2 Chainz' Instagram.

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