There's a sweet spot right now in men's style. The best gear out there exists in that zone in between streetwear and menswear, and we're at a point when guys can mix oxfords and jogging pants without looking like they're trying to do too much.

If you've been paying attention, this renaissance has been taking place in Scandinavia, and Denmark—Copenhagen, specifically—is at the center of this new wave. One of the brands leading the charge is Libertine-Libertine, a label out to prove that this dope style isn't confined to just one season. For fall/winter 2013, the Danish brand mixes in bold prints with monochrome outerwear to create an aesthetic that doesn't linger too long on any one focus, and yet never strays too far from what it does best.

Significant details such as printed inseams on denim and a variety of fabric weights make it easy to mix-and-match anything in the brand's fall/winter collection. The assembly of crewneck sweatshirts, oxford shirts, and denim jackets is comfortable, relaxed, and jaw-dropping at the same time.

Other brands at the forefront of this aesthetic include Norse Projects, Wood Wood, and Soulland, so placing Libertine-Libertine in their company automatically means you need to start checking them out. Take a look through the editorial or a visit to the brand's website, and try not to drool over every single piece. Seriously, that's a challenge.