One-year-old company John Elliot + Co. doesn’t claim to have the best customer service, but it's probably just being humble. The 30-page Styleforum thread is proof alone that this company is of and for the people. The label regularly posts responses to questions minutes after members ask. And if members aren't posing questions, they're going off on with usually high praises towards the LA-based company’s product.

This brings us to the brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. If you want basics with some extra cool details, this should be one of the first brands on your list. This season offers lengthy but slim fitting tanks, cotton/silk blend tees, sweats with RiRi zippers, and more. But it’s not just the basics the brand is locking down, the outerwear game—especially the blue baseball jacket—and the denim options are definitely worth a look. The only part that sucks is that they drop in a couple months. Until then load up on the brand’s popular Villain hoodie dropping today, and soccer-inspired Escobar sweats releasing Saturday on the John Elliot + Co. website