Nike is the king of men's style and fashion brands right now, and no one can tell them nothing. According to our brethren at Four Pins, who just ranked the top 39 fashion brands using science and data via Google Trends, Nike is the brand that has the most activity on Google searches. 

We know, you're probably thinking: That's because everyone wants some fresh kicks, but what about the brands selling real jawnz? According to the research, everyone has a thing for fast fashion, as Zara, H&M, and ASOS all ranked within the top 10.

But don't be discouraged, Versace ranked in at 22 on the list, whose fame probably wasn't hindered by its models walking down the runway to the Migos and Drake track of the same name.

Also included in the line-up were household menswear brands such as J.Crew, L.L. Bean, and Brooks Brothers, with street goth-favorite Alexander Wang finding a spot on the list, too.

Click here to see everyone who made the cut. If you don't see your favorite brand on the list, you're not Googling them enough. So get those keys cracking.

[via Four Pins]