International man of mystery James Goldstein, who you know either from his frequent, albeit random appearances at fashion shows, or his courtside placement at over 100 NBA games each season with what appears to be no favorite team, is apparently poised to launch his own fashion collection. Now, if you've ever seen a photo of homeboy (or take 30 seconds to peep the gallery above), you know this shit is going to be straight craze. In his own words, the collection will be "Rock N Roll Chic," which basically means it's going to look like John Varvatos meets Jon Bon Jovi's 1993 World Tour hand-me-downs meets Marilyn Manson's idea of a quiet night in. AKA AWESOME. Seriously, I don't plan on criticizing this before I’ve seen it and I’m especially not criticizing Goldstein. Dude is a multimillionaire and NO ONE KNOWS WHY. That shit is incredible. In fact, the two theories are as follows: He either made his riches by selling trailer parks (I thought people in trailer parks had no money?) or by directing porn in the '70s, which is actually the more believable of the two considering Goldstein's tan. Either way, I have to tip my ridiculous looking cowboy hat to this man for infiltrating both the NBA and fashion worlds with at the same damn time with surprising ease.