To celebrate their current exhibition of his work, the Whitney Museum of American Art has installed a life-sized 3D cutout of Edward Hopper's iconic painting Nighthawks. We've seen the painting recreated with dry-erase markers, watercolors, and with Fat Joe as one of the diner patrons, but we can't recall seeing it quite like this. The installation tranforms the display window of the Flatiron Building into that well-known diner scene from 1942. We recommend visiting the site at night to truly experience the installation as if you stepped into the painting (if you can ignore the lights and sounds of the city.

The Hopper exhibition entitled "Hopper Drawing" is the first major exhibition to focus on the artist's drawings and process. Early studies for Nighthawks and over 2500 other drawings and sketches can be seen at the Whitney now until October 3.

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[via DesignBoom]