While jocks were trading their Cal Ripken Jr. cards for a rookie Scottie Pippen, hip-hop heads were trying to score an Eric B. and Rakim or Tony D. Yo! MTV Raps trading card in the early '90s.

If you never got your hands on either, you might be hating yourself right now, but don't worry—the cards are back. The other day, news of a Stussy x Yo! MTV Raps collaboration was released, and although no images of the actual collection surfaced, it's now known that the cards have made their way back.

We're all for nostalgia, and nothing pulls our strings harder than revisiting the rappers who had us head-nodding throughout our collective youth.

If you're not one of the cool guys who got their hands on these cards early, stay tuned for the collection that releases on Friday, August 9. Hopefully by then, we'll know what's dropping.