Skuds Mckinley (besides having a cool name) describes himself as a "24 year old Black kid in the indie comics world trying to make a name for myself by self publishing." Mckinley's style of work lies in limbo between indie and mainstream, so he has looked to self-publishing as a way to get his work to the masses and change the way the system works. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign to gain funding for his next self-publishing project, the release of his "Rumble Moon 1" anthology as well as a reprint of his first book "I'll Take You to the Moon Vol. 1." 

Mckinley says that "Rumble Moon 1" is the product of the last year in his life studying manga. He used what he learned and his life experiences to create three new stories set in the future, but centered around things like digging for records and the kind of "slice-of-life" realism found in Japanese animation. Check out the intro video below and head to Skuds Kickstarter to learn more and support the project.