Shopping at Sears conjures the most wholesome memories of any big-box retailer. These days, you go there to pick up a pair Levi's Shrink-to-Fit jeans or peruse through the selection of Lands' End. With these ideas of Americana swirling in your head, we're about to shatter your pre-conceived and experienced notions of Sears. Sorry. 

It has just come to our attention that there's a much darker and kinkier side to Sears: The retailer has a huge selection of S&M lingerie brand Elegant Moments that is anything but. Sears' collection of the brand borders on XXX with women in G-strings and dudes dressed like the legendary WWE tag-team Demolition—who, happen to be secret style icons in their scantily-clad straps of studded leather.

If you're on the more conservative side of things, you can always opt for the gladiator-like loincloth. If any of this is your thing, you can shop the collection here. However, you might want to wait until the work day is over.

 [via Jezebel]