Women love seeing manly arms. There is even a blog solely dedicated to guys in tank tops. Sure, hitting the gym and building that muscle tone is key. And sun-kissed skin certainly shows off all that hard work lifting weights, not to mention that smooth skin. But when you’re flexing, don’t forget that pesky trouble zone: your armpits. Did you forget about this cavernous crevice just below your shoulder? You shouldn’t have, and here’s why.

Armpit hair—it’s a Catch-22. On one hand, it’s your hair and it does serve to differentiate you from the fairer sex. On the other hand, most women aren’t trying to get involved with all that fuzz. Sure, women gravitate toward manly men. And I assure you manly comes in all shapes, sizes, and levels of smoothness. (Not sure where your significant other falls on the hair scale? Just ask.) But it’s not exactly sexy when you see scraggly hairs peek out under a man’s arms. Even worse is when a man lifts his arms, revealing an unkempt Amazonian jungle. There’s also the deodorant issue. Too much hair and deodorant can start to clump up.

On the other hand, shaved male underarms can be even worse! There are a few cases when going hair free is acceptable: when a man is a swimmer, a body builder, or a fashion model. Other than that, a man without underarm hair can be, well, confusing. Women are the ones who should have perfectly smooth skin. Guys, you know you agree.

Don’t panic—luckily, there’s a solution. It’s called manscaping.

There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to grooming. Women do it all the time! We don’t necessarily enjoy shaving our legs. But that’s life. We were given hair where we don’t want it to be. So we shave it off.

If the hair under your arms is getting out of control, trim it. Sure, it may take a few extra moments in the morning, but you already take the time to shave your beard. So is that extra step really that time consuming? In the grand scheme of things, I’d have to argue no.

So now that you’re all hopefully on board with manscaping, here’s an easy and painless way to figure how much you need to trim:

Stand in front of a mirror and let your arms fall to the side. If there is hair peeking out either in front or in back it means it’s too long. It’s pretty simple. Get rid of the excess hair. It still will look natural. You’ll feel cleaner and lighter. And you’re certainly going to be more attractive to women.