The underbelly of the fashion world resides not in the blogs or online publication comments section, but rather the denizens of the many message boards that are flooded with people who discuss designer clothing, denim, shoes, and all things style-related at length. While their initial layouts aren't exactly as user-friendly as popular men's style sites, many of your favorite style bloggers, designers, even rappers have been a part of a fashion forum or two. 

If you want to get the most out of these resources, there are certain rules to abide by—kind of like Disney World, but replace Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck with Rick Owens and Martin Margiela. Diving right into a What Did You Wear Today with a fit pic or asking an ignorant question can get you trolled faster than walking under a bridge. Before you settle on an online community to take part in, learn how to properly conduct yourself. Here's A Beginner's Guide to Using Men's Style and Fashion Forums.

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