Beards, stereotypically, can imply different things about a man: he's down on his luck, he's a "manly man," he's totally going for the Americana look, or, like everyone else, he just likes how he looks with some facial hair. All are legitimate reasons to grow out a little scruff, and, hey, the ladies prefer a bearded man, too.

However, there's someone who's not too fond of this resurgence of razor-less men: the shaving industry. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Shick, one of the industry's titans, is reporting a 10 percent loss in sales over the past year. Sure, men only want to pay so much for razors, and they are leaning to disposable ones instead, but bearded men also play a factor in this discussion.

If guys are going to grow their beards a la Brett Keisel, then they only need a razor to occasionally trim unwanted neck hairs and fuzz on their cheeks—leaving the need for new razor blades at a minimum.

[via WSJ]