When it comes to the fashion industry, it is often hard to differentiate between brands. With the flow of trends, a lot of brands blend in rather than stick out. Suigeneric is looking to change that perception. Taking its name from the Latin phrase that translates to something "of its own kind," the brand is taking generic items in the world like watch straps and giving them unique characteristics such as printed brands and a hand-waxed finish, which is done in Seoul, Korea.

If you have a Timex watch, you'v become familiar with the interchangable straps. Sure, there are plenty of colors on the market, but a bright blue or yellow strap will only get you far. Suigeneric has animal prints, camo prints, ikat prints, stripes, and more. With the straps, you can either keep it classic but funky or take your watch game in a whole other direction.

The straps retail for $45, and are available through shops such as Need Supply.