Rihanna may have had a hectic schedule, especially with her recent tour and whatnot, but that didn't stop the Roc Nation singer from putting in work on her highly-anticipated Fall/Winter 2013 collection for River Island. As this behind-the-scenes footage, courtesy of River Island, will show you, she's has had a hand in the entire process. RiRi visisted the retailer's offices to give her two scents on the garments, and discussed designs and cuts with her team. By the looks of it, she's really, really excited about the line—"Bitches going to be pissed," she says in the video. Which is good news for your girlfriends, lady friends, and sisters.

Rihanna's collections have been a big hit, selling out the instantly. Women lined up, sat by their computers, and did whatever else was necesarry to get their hands on any piece they could. We're sure it'll be the same scenario when the Fall/Winter 2013 collection hits stores on Sept. 12. So make sure you tell all the important women in your life, and then get out of their way. 

[via Styleite]