The Pro Football Hall of Fame holds an annual competition in which photography experts choose the best NFL photo taken that year. The photographer receives an award along with the honor of having the photo put on display at the Hall of Fame.

It just so happens that in 2010 the winning photo was one of Aaron Hernandez with a winning touchdown. The photo was put on display for a year after grabbing the photography award. Afterward, it was shown again with a new exhibit with some of the best Hall of Fame pictures taken. However, the pictures was removed from the collection for obvious reasons.

That made Mary Schwalm very sad. She is the one who took the picture. “It is disappointing,” Schwalm said to Sporting News. “I was able to say, ‘I have a photo hanging in the Hall of Fame.’ Can I still say that? . . . I’m bummed. I’m disappointed.”

Wow. Let it be known that her award was never withdrawn and the photo was never deemed bad. It's just not one the people of America necessarily want to see. And she should probably understand that. Here's the winning photo.

[via NBCNews]