The "Legends of the Summer" tour kicked off last night in Toronto, and Justin Timberlake and Jay Z brought the fuego to Canada. And like any good artist who knows how to adapt to the times, Justin Timberlake showed that he's no longer exclusively on his "suit and tie shit." The singer performed in a sick Alexander Wang T-shirt that's currently available at the label's e-commerce site

The piece is dope because of all the details. The shirt's nylon material gives a subtle texture, and the leather band across the chest nods at current trends but keeps it clean and minimal and doesn't go OD—the exact reasons why we're such big fans of the label

It may be because we're such T-shirt Stans, but we're impressed that Timberlake made the move from suited and booted to tee'd up. By going with Alexander Wang, he definitely made sure he wasn't going to slip on the transition. If you weren't lucky enough to get your hands on free Alexander Wang gear last weekend, head over to the site to cop JT's newly co-signed piece.