News broke that Alexander Wang was holiding a mysterious event in New York City yesterday. There weren't many details available, save that it would be at Highline Stages on the West Side of Manhattan on Saturday afternoon. Still, tons of people presumably cleared their schedules and made plans to head down to the aforementioned secret event. 

If you're still wondering what really happened, here's what we know: Wang and his team apparently (wait for it) gave away tons of free clothes, this according to Racked NY. Only about 100 people were allowed in, but once inside, they were given the go ahead to grab as much clothing as they wanted. Again, all this for the price of free.99. People literally walked out with bags and boxes full of Wang shirts, sweaters, and pants. Tons of people were pissed they missed the event. Some even (probably) cried real tears. 

Well, let's hope Wang holds another one of these events soon.  

[via Racked NY]