Being a celebrity stylist is a dream job for many. It may look easy, but the work they have to do to keep their clients looking stylish is demanding. Perfectly balancing what looks fit best with your client’s style without forcing a hot new trend is tough to master. The best stylists out there come correct 99.9% of the time. However, that .01% is when one accessory ruins a perfectly killer outfit. And in most cases, that one little mishap is the fedora.

Sure, fedoras look cool on famous old school celebs like Frank Sinatra and mafia dons, but most of the time, the hat is not for everyone. To be honest, there are a lot of reasons why the hat sucks. The main reason: you’ll never look as good as you think you do.

Celebrities can be the leading trendsetters, but once they put on this hat, all street style cred from their memorable outfits are completely forgotten. And it’s not just athletes and artists—even presidents are not immune. We ask all stylists to pour cement inside any hat resembling a fedora and toss it into the sea. You never want your client to end up in any red carpet shit lists. To drive the point home, here’s our Gallery: Every Celebrity Wearing a Fedora Needs to Fire Their Stylist

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