The coolest thing about DQM is that although the brand makes great clothes and has become a complete clothing line, it remains a true skateboard company with one of the best teams around. To get summer cracking, the team hit the road and traveled north to Connecticut; hitting up skate parks, street spots, and getting into the type of shenanigans that skateboard kids partake in once "school's out for summer."

Brian Delatorre, Dustin Eggeling, Nick Sassa, Aaron Herrington, Keith Denley, Yonnie Cruz, Brendan Carroll, Luke Malaney, and Chris Jata not only wore a bunch of cool clothes on the trip, they also lit things on fire, went cliff diving, and got into all sorts of rad shit.

The experience was documented through high-quality photos taken by Aaron Joseph and Denley, and a 10-minute video shot by Richard Quintero that captures all the fun and ridiculousness that encapsulated the trip.

Watch the video below to see what goes down when a group of guys lose track of being cool, and let loose for a change.

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