The art world is still buzzing about Jay Z's six hour performance at Pace Gallery last month. While some have applauded Hov's efforts, others call it a rip-off. 

A couple months ago we reviewed a MoMA PS1 performance by Ragnar Kjartansson and The National in which the band played the same song for six hours. Sound familiar? Kjartansson thought so, too. The artist, who recently lived and worked in the "Colony" module at MoMA's PS1 as a part of the "Civilization: Monumental Materialism" project and has an upcoming showing at HangarBicocca, addressed the issue in an interview with ARTINFO. When asked if he had heard about Jay's performance and the comparisons, Kjartansson's direct quote was: "I was so pleased about that. Yeah, Jay Z is ripping me off. You can’t imagine how proud I am."

The interviewer doesn't dwell on the subject, though we wish he had. Is that a snarky stab at Jay Z, or is the artist legitimately flattered that someone like Hova would rip him off? Either way, we can't wait to see if there is a response from Jigga's camp.

[via ArtInfo]

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