Barack Obama doesn't have the best public image right now. There was controversy over subpoenaed phone calls of Associated Press journalists and the IRS targeting conservative groups fiasco. Although these events must be stressful for him, we'd like to show you Obama before the weight of international scrutiny was on his shoulders.

Time reveals that at the age of 17, Bam-Bam attended his senior prom at Punahou School in Hawaii. As you can see in the photos, he was a total spaz. In 1979, the president was rocking an afro and a white suit looking like a low budget pimp. He went to the dance as a double date with friends, apparently sipping champagne before going to the dance and after party. But what is most incriminating is a note he left for a female friend.

He wrote in friend Kelli Allman's yearbook all of the expected end of year sentiments, however it looks like Bam-Bam was trying to score. His note reads: "You are extremely sweet and foxy." Oh that's a keeper. He continues, "you even laugh at my jokes!" The note ends with the future leader of the free world leaving his digits and offering to buy her lunch. He even draws a little heart. That's rich.

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