The term "vintage fabrics" gets thrown around loosely. Some brands might come across some unused factory scraps from the early '90s and slap the label "vintage" upon the purposely-discarded cloth. But the folks at Hickoree's truthfully search out materials that help redefine the vintage fabric game. Emil Corsillo and Mitch Frank of the men's shop gave Cool Hunting a special insight into where they source their textiles from. On this trip, Corsillo and Frank went to Sri, a privately-owned gallery, and dug through Japanese indigo threads that date back as early as the 19th century. The patchwork cloth contests that denim was founded in San Francisco by Levi's Strauss, but potentially a little further West by utilitarian Japanese citizens. Take a look through the thumbs and see truly mind-blowing garments that you can purchase here.

[via Cool Hunting]