Zoe Spawton is an Australian photographer living in Berlin and every day she noticed this steezy older dude walking by her work. Being the photographer that she is, she started snapping shots of the older gentleman, who she came to know as Ali, a former doctor and now tailor. And FUCK, is Ali a goddamn stud, or what? First, his street style stance is fucking amazing. My go to was always the b-boy stance, but now, whenever someone takes my photo, I’m doing The Ali. Basically, you just kinda lean to one side, but, and this is crucial, only at the waist. Also, you have to wear denim head to toe or a straight redrum suit or all camo everything, which works as well. I mean, really, when you are Ali you can wear whatever the fuck you want because you’re set for life. ALI, MY INTERNSHIP APPLICATION IS IN THE MAIL. This dude is gonna be sitting front row at all the shows next year, mark my words.