When we talk about men's clothing on Four Pins—often by not talking about men's clothing at all—and its growth, we focus on the hyper-evolution of #menswear because that's our lane. But menswear in general (losing the hashtag, thus widening the scope) is changing. Walk into any Nordstrom and the soles are brighter. Walk into any Barneys and the shoulders are softer. Walk into any J.C. Penney and everything is Woost-ier. I may not know a 1/4 of a single shit about streetwear, but I'm pretty positive it's progressing as well—even the most basic organisms cannot escape the ghost of Charles Darwin. Take, for example, Australia's Common Goods, launching April 26th. It doesn't take a junior freelance Hypebeast scholar in training earning a bowl of soup per post to know that this is not how streetwear looked as recently as 2 years ago. Their F/W 13 collection (I guess winter in Australia is summer everywhere else) is titled "Birth Ov A Villain". And I'll be damned If that's not the most unintentional poetic justice you'll hear all day.