THIS IS NOT NEW just dropped a few new products. This is the "4 oz. to Freedom" tee, which, contrary to popular belief is not a homage to Sublime. If you don’t know what this right here represents, you're straight frontin'. Yeah, you love rappers rapping about it. And sure, you love tweeting about it. BUT IF YOU DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT A BOTTLE OF COUGH SYRUP LOOKS LIKE YOU NEED TO GET ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. Drug symbology is mad crucial, mayne. My advice? Buy two and give one to your one younger cousin who you can stand to be around for more than 10 minutes. Everyone in his middle school will have no idea that he’s wearing a shirt about abusing cough medicine—he'll be the belle of the ball by the time girls start giving covert HJ's in the bathroom. At least he's not huffing glue because, let's get real, that is not how you get throwed right.