Fortune magazine just released their 100 Best Companies to Work For list and it’s time to be jealous of your friends who work for any of them. Lax dress codes, free gym, free beer in the office, afternoon massages, and stock options are just some of the awesome stuff you probably miss out on as you complain about your own miserable job.

Among the 100 are also four fashion companies that would probably rank nowhere near a stylish best-of list, but damn do these companies treat their employees well. Zappos ranks at 31, which is the best of the four. Awesomeness includes employees receiving 68 hours of professional training, and buyers earning an average $65k. Men’s Wearhouse comes in at 50 offering a diverse workplace, gym memberships, and fully paid vacations for all employees. Nordstroms hits the 88 spot and they also provide gym memberships and on-the-job professional training.

The last and final company on the list is Aeropostale, which ranks at 97. The company is diverse and its employees are about 73 percent female. And suggestions can be made to management through “teen advisory boards.” Which is pretty awesome because nobody ever listens to the youths. They might need to screen those boards because it looks like someone slipped and suggested aping Reed Space. To see the full Fortune 100 list, head over to CNN’s Money website.

[via stylebistro]