With the way we fucked up the Earth with fertilizers and emissions and just basically being humans, the weather is always gonna be an asshole. It will never probably get as cold as it used to, but then it will get record lows out of nowhere. It’s gonna rain a bunch and be all shitty and it won’t get rad like Mad Max where we get awesome cars and guns and crossbows and we get to do whatever we want because society broke down. No, it’ll be like we can’t drive on Wednesdays and can only turn on the sprinklers to practice avoiding laser beams on Sundays. On that note, a good anorak is always handy in times of both uncertain weather and an uncertain future. This one from Owner Operator is packable, has an adjustable hood (why aren’t all hoods adjustable?) and has snaps. You already know snaps make everything feel cooler and more official.