Carter Mull

Based in: Los Angeles

Carter Mull's inventive manipulation of the photographic medium has assisted him in creating an exciting body of work that continues to grow and diversify. His 2012 projects included the Venice Beach Biennial, where he set up a photo booth on the boardwalk in which visitors could have their picture taken in the style of an obituary photograph, and Needles in the Camel's Eye, a group show at Thomas Duncan Gallery in Los Angeles. This month in LA, Mull (born 1977 in Atlanta) will have a solo at Marc Foxx, while P&CO., the publishing/media collective founded and operated by Mull, fellow artist Jesse Willenbring and curator Aram Moshayedi, will have a group show at Thomas Duncan that focuses on the continued use-value of the readymade. Also in January: the group exhibition Beyond The Object at Brand New Gallery in Milan.


Above: Carter Mull, Touch, 2010, Marc Foxx, Los Angeles