Have you heard about the strongest branding maneuver of 2012? (Saint Laurent who?) A clear message was blasted from the rooftops and across the Interwebz: KATE SPADE GIVES ZERO FUCKS. Launching this spring is the new brand Kate Spade Saturday. Wait, really? Saturday? There was definitely some low level designer named Clark in a meeting earlier this year that said, "Hey guys, don't you think this is a little close to GQ Best New Designer In America brand/store/cool guy hang out Saturdays NYC? Our use of solid colors and bold sans-serif font for the branding seems actually almost identical. ALSO, THEIR SHOP IS LITERALLY 0.2 MILES AWAY FROM OUR FIRST STORE IN SOHO. I WALK BY IT EVERYDAY ON MY WAY TO WORK." Everyone sat around the table for a moment, and then they all started laughing. Clark was subsequently fired. KATE SPADE MAKES CLOTHES FOR WOMEN. KATE SPADE MAKES CLOTHES FOR ANY DAY OF THE WEEK INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, SATURDAY. KATE SPADE WILL DO WHATEVER THE FUCK IT WANTS. Clearly menswear marginalization is not going to end anytime soon. Inspired by this exciting new brand, we've come up with some other brands for KS to roll out next year that will be sure to get the ladies excited and are in no way, shape or form inspired by anything else in the current men's clothing retail landscape.

Kevin Burrows is a creative director, photographer and writer living in Los Angeles. See his collection of products here and follow him on Twitter here.